The California Lake Management Society Presents:

CALMS 2020:

Vision FOrward

Our 35th Annual Symposium

A week of talks, starting October 19, 2020, 12:00 PM

Recorded Presentations

Alicia Cortes - Mon Oct. 19 - Predicting Hypoxia in Clear Lake, CA

Bryan Fuhrmann - Tues Oct. 20 - Algae Management

Matt Kondolf - Wed Oct. 21 - Sustainably Managing Sediments in Rivers and Reservoirs

Mark Seelos - Thurs Oct. 22 - Slow Progress with Quicksilver: Lowering Fish Mercury in Mine Impacted Reservoirs using Hypolimnetic Oxygenation

Student Scholarship Awardee Presentations




Alicia Cortes

Assistant Project Scientist,         UC Davis

My research interest focuses on improving the understanding of physical processes in inland water bodies (i.e. physical limnology) and their coupling with the biogeochemistry and ecology of the ecosystem. In particular, I am interested in transport and mixing processes, and environmental fluid dynamics in general. During my research career, I have combined field observations, process-based numerical modeling and laboratory experiments for improved understanding of hydrodynamic processes with application to physical-biogeochemical coupling.


Byran Fuhrmann

Aquatic Scientist, SePRO

Byran is an aquatic scientist at SePRO corporation working out of Sacramento and he is a Northern CA Director for CALMS. He received his PhD in Environmental Systems from UC Merced where he studied redox and oxygen control on water quality in California reservoirs under Dr. Marc Beutel. He also holds a BS in Chemistry, an MBA and an MS in Environmental Engineering Sciences. He has previously worked as an instructor for an environmental engineering course on water quality and as the quality assurance manager at an environmental laboratory.


Matt Kondolf

Professor, UC Berkeley

G. Mathias “Matt” Kondolf is Professor of Environmental Planning and Co-Director of the Global Metropolitan Studies program at UC Berkeley, where he teaches hydrology, river restoration, environmental planning, and environmental science. Originally trained as a geologist and fluvial geomorphologist, Matt researches human-river interactions, including managing flood-prone lands, urban rivers, river restoration, and river-basin-scale impacts of dams and mining on downstream rivers and deltas, and he advises governments and non-governmental organizations on these topics.


Mark Seelos

Assoc. Water Resource Specialist, Santa Clara Valley Water 

Mark Seelos is an Associate Water Resources Specialist with Valley Water (San Jose, CA). He has a BS in environmental geology from UC Santa Cruz and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in environmental systems at UC Merced. He is a certified lake manager and serves on the executive board of the California Lake Management Society.

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